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When you become a partner, we reward you.

It’s super easy!

You tell your customers about Verified First. When they screen with us, we’ll pay you. In fact, we will pay you for every screen they run with us as long as you are a Verified First partner. This means you can create real recurring income for your company!


For every screen placed (after cost of goods) paid to the partner’s company


For each qualified deal with less than 2500 employees submitted through your unique partner tracking links


For each qualified deal with more than 2500 employees submitted through your unique partner tracking links


What’s the potential? You tell us. We will help you get there!

Some of our partners earn much much more.

We want our Affiliate Partners to grow with us. That’s why Affiliate Partners earning 10% have room for advancement to become a true Channel Partner.

What are the benefits of
partnering with Verified First?

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Reduced Data entry

Our patented solution effortlessly integrates with over 130 HR systems.

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A streamlined hiring process

Users can manage their hiring process within their HR platform. All they have to do is click on “Screen with Verified First” from their candidate page and the applicant invite can be sent via email or SMS.

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Built-in compliance tools

We value compliance. Which is why our solution has built-in compliance tools - allowing users to make compliance-driven hiring decisions.

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Turnaround time transparency

With one of the industry’s only turnaround time estimators, users will know exactly how long their order will take - with updates along the way!

Let’s grow revenue together!
Join our partner program and start earning today.


Step 1

Sign Up

Becoming a partner is simple. Click any of the buttons on this page. There is no cost.


Step 2

Complete Onboarding

We’ll send you through a quick onboarding process to ensure you know everything you need to about this partnership.


Step 3

Announce our Partnership

Notify your clients and prospects of our new partnership. We make it easy on you and have even designed pre-built emails - meaning all you have to do is copy, paste, and send away.


Step 4

Begin Earning

Send in deals through our partner portal. Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through it!