Can I join if I am a Verified First customer?

Of course! We welcome anyone who is willing to share Verified First in our Partner Program. Customers or not! As a partner, you’ll have access to our partner portal, allowing you to track and measure the success of every referral you make.

How are my deals tracked?

Through our partner portal, you can track every deal you refer. You’ll have complete access to approval or rejection status, as well as deals that have converted from a lead to an opportunity. Throughout the process, you will see your total Annual Contract Value (ACV) in your referral pipeline and whether deals were closed-lost or closed-won. Reminder: Commission pay-outs occur after the cost of goods.

What counts as a successful deal?

A successful referral requires you introduce Verified First to a decision maker at the third party company in the United States or Canada. The means that you cannot refer yourself or the organization you work for.

When do I receive my deal bonus?

All deal registrations via our Portal or via your unique Affiliate Link receive points. These points are available immediately for more than 75 different digital gift cards that can be requested in our Partner Portal. Different company employee sizes qualify for different point values. Points awarded range from $5 worth of points to $100 worth of points. Partner commissions are paid quarterly to the partner’s company.

How will I get paid?

Commissions are paid based off of your partner level. All partners start as an affiliate partner which is paid at 10% of total revenue per screen after the cost of goods to the partner’s company. Currently, payments are sent by check. However, we are looking into automating payments of commissions. For payments above $600, Verified First is required to issueyou an IRS Form MISC-1099, so we’ll reach out to you to gather additional details when required.

Why was my deal rejected?

Deals are rejected if, (1) they come from an internal referral (you cannot submit a deal that includes yourself or anyone from your organization), (2) your referral is already a Verified First customer, or (3) they were previously referred to Verified First within the last 90 days. Rejected deals are not eligible for commission.

What happens if the company I register hires more employees after I refer them?

We hope you celebrate. As long as you are a Verified First partner in good standing, our partner program pays out commission to the partner’s company on every screen ran by a client you referred.

Is there a limit on how many deals I can register?

Nope. You can send in as many deals as you would like. However, we do recommend you only refer deals to Verified First that are truly interested in reviewing their background screening process. We take deal registration conversion rates into account when/if you decide to look into becoming a true Channel Partner and upgrading your access to revenue.

Does the program ever change?

Yes. But our changes are always communicated. We always update our partner program with fresh content and opportunities to help one another grow.

What does it mean to be a reseller?

A Verified First reseller is a partner that purchases screening services in bulk at a wholesale rate to mark up and resell to the market.

How can I make money as a reseller?

Resellers make money by purchasing services wholesale and marketing them up to the end user “retail” rate. Please note that resellers cannot sell services for less than the Verified First MSRP.

What are the requirements I need to meet to become a Channel Partner?

Our Channel Partner ecosystem is robust with HR, non-profit, church, and education technology platforms. When we engage with Channel Partners we are looking for a true two-way mutually beneficial partnership. This means that Channel Partners are held to strategic alignment and objectives for joint revenue growth. As a result, Channel Partners have the potential for greater earnings.